Petaluma Wildlife Museum

Project Challenges:

Shipping was going to have to be made by freight to California. Damage could occur in transit so everything needed to be sent fully crated. Installation was required by Cornel’s World staff so setup of all enclosures and installation of all lighting, heating, humidity controls, and automation was done on-site. A somewhat tight timeline was needed for the install so all parts needed to arrive on time and in good order.

Project Completion:

The Museum was very happy with the enclosures and the entire project was setup on time and on budget. The custom rear access to the caging made it easier for the students to clean and feed the reptiles while keeping the exhibits open to the public. The lighting and heating being enclosed in the separate canopy also hid all the hardware from the viewing public. Each cage also included a custom misting nozzle so that it could be turned on or off depending on the reptile requirement. Lighting and heating for each unit was also independently controlled.