Dart Frog Terrarium

Project Scope:

The customer was looking for a show piece for their office. We designed a 5’ by 20” by 2’ tall glass terrarium for Poison Dart Frogs, with angled corners for a non standard look. We added stand for storage and canopy to match. All hardware hidden for a seamless look and the Interior was fully landscaped with a waterfall and live plants. To simplify the upkeep the cage was fully automated for lighting, fog, and humidity

Project Challenges:

With a tight timeline and an eye on the budget the enclosure will be holding water so angled sides need to be water tight. External filtration is needed to keep the water clean. The enclosure and stand will be heavy so wheels will be required to access the misting system and water filter/pump. Fans need to be added to control humidity inside. And the customer didn’t have a clear landscaping plan other then a waterfall feature and a running stream.

Project completion:

The customer loved the landscaping that we were able to come up with and the water feature works well with the provided driftwood to give a super naturalistic feel. All hardware is fully enclosed and hidden for a very clean look to the enclosure which was a major success. The project was completed on time and on budget.