Vivarium Electronics VE-8 Double Wide PVC Snake Rack


Designed to accommodate a wide range of tub sizes, it offers configurations from 16 to 48 tubs, catering to diverse needs. Measuring 33″ wide, 23″ deep, and 39.5″ high, it’s substantially larger to house more tubs. Key features include smoothly rounded edges for safety, 4-inch THG Belly heat for consistent warmth, a VE Stacking system for secure stacking. Deep tubs support precise temperature control and thermal gradients, with a thermostat probe slot on each shelf. Ideal for future expansion, it allows stacking with similar units.

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Add Shelf Pins

Pins will lock tubs in place. The holes will be a little tight but if you use pliers with a shelf pin its easy to widen the holes


Presenting the expanded and enhanced Vivarium Electronics inspired Double Wide VE-8 PVC Snake Rack, an evolution in PVC snake rack systems, exclusively available at Cornel’s World. This advanced rack system is designed to accommodate an even greater range of tub sizes, pushing the boundaries of flexibility and tub interchangeability. Each shelf in this larger rack can comfortably hold an increased number of VE series tubs, allowing for configurations ranging from 16 to 48 tubs in total.

The rack’s dimensions have been substantially increased to accommodate more tubs, measuring approximately 33 inches in width, 23 inches in depth, and 39.5 inches in height.

Tubs are sold separately, enabling you to tailor the rack with the VE series tubs that perfectly meet your requirements. To order tubs, simply click on the “Recommended Products” tab.

Key features of the Double Wide 8-Level Rack include:

  • Smoothly rounded front edges, combining a sleek aesthetic with enhanced safety.
  • 4-inch THG Belly heat across all shelves, providing consistent and optimal warmth.
  • Expanded flexibility with tubs, offering a capacity range from 16 to 48 tubs.
  • Our innovative VE Stacking system, ensuring ultra-easy and extremely secure stacking.
  • Deep tub designs that enable precise control of basking temperatures and support a thermal gradient.
  • A thermostat probe slot on every shelf for accurate temperature monitoring if needed.

This rack system also offers exceptional adaptability for future expansion:

  • Stack with similar units to create a customized, multi-level rack system tailored to your specific needs.

As with all reptile racks utilizing heat tape, the use of a proportional thermostat (sold separately) is crucial for maintaining safe and accurate temperatures and to prevent overheating.

Step into the next generation of reptile housing with the Double Wide 8-Level Rack, a pinnacle of innovation and versatility in reptile care, proudly offered by Cornel’s World.

Due to the size and the weight of this rack it can only be shipped assembled and via freight carrier

Additional information

Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 42 in

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