The BioDude BioVive Soil Revitalizer


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The Dude’s all new proprietary and handcrafted miracle soil revitalizer, BioVive. Throughout the life of your bioactive terrarium some specific elements and minerals are eventually depleted and not put back into the eco-system, or naturally these elements are lost via decomposition processes from your clean up crews, beneficial fungi and bacteria. The Dude’s BioVive not only helps replace those essential lost nutrients, but delivers it into a form that is easily absorbed by plant roots, as well as providing a necessary driver for your essential fungal and biological processes within the soil itself. Being 100% organic and animal safe BioVive is recommend for Bioactive terraria that have been established for longer than 6 months and is recommended to use with the established BioShot for optimum results.  BioVive will also inoculate the soil with beneficial microbes and bacteria that will not only improve your already occurring processes, but encouraging new strains and promote a healthier soil while consistently re-energizing your substrate.

Each BioVive bag will provide enough for up to one Bio Dude 36 quart bag. 50 grams can be used for this much substrate (36 quarts) and under.  DO NOT USE with new vivariums with the BioShot as this will cause burn damage to the plants root systems  This is only for terrariums that have been established for over 6 months.

Elements which are readily introduced into your Bio Dude bioactive terrarium are the following:

Calcium – As your springtails and isopods breakdown different compounds and organic matter in your substrate one of the first elements that deteriotes the fastest is Calcium. Biovive will give just the right amount to provide the calcium which has been eaten or decayed away via different processes in the terrarium.  Calcium is important for cellular health in plants as well as maintain soil alkalinity, soil salinity and helps maintain the proper chemical balance.

Magnesium Sulfate – As your soil changes, maintains this element takes a major role with providing different types of nutrients without maintaining the pH levels. It also plays a major role with the absorption of Nitrogen with your plant roots.

Potassium – In nature, potassium is responsible for part of the process of photosynthesis with plants, as well as helps regulate C02 intake which plays a major role with the production of ATP which is the building block of life. As organic matter breaks down, potassium is usually left as a byproduct but usually degrades and fizzles over time. Providing a little extra potassium will not only boost your soil but help your plants grow as well.

Phosphorous – One of the hardest to get accurately dosed, too much can lead to smaller, shunted plants while too little will not be enough for them to properly grow. Just because Phosphorous is in the soil, does not mean it is in the right format to be absorbed by your plants and substrate. Not only does the pH have a huge role with this, temperature, humidity and other factors can play a major role with this. The Biovive will have just the perfect amount for your biome to accurately and easily provide the essential amount for your plants, without providing too much or too little.

Nitrogen (very slow release) – This is important to prevent burning of the plants, while ensuring the plants get enough food for growth, development and healthy root systems. This is a key element for a healthy terrarium.

Mycorrhiza – A mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a fungus and a plant. The term mycorrhiza refers to the role of the fungus in the plant’s rhizosphere, its root system. Mycorrhizae play important roles in plant nutrition, soil biology and soil chemistry.

Ingredients: Worm Castings, Calcium Carbonate, Azomite, Organic Insect Frass, Endo Mycorrhiza Fungal Strains, inert clay.


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