PVC Reptile Caging (4x2x2)


Elevate your reptile’s living space with Cornel’s World’s innovative PVC Reptile Caging. Our cutting-edge cages are crafted from 12mm thick, fire-resistant PVC, ensuring a durable, lightweight design that’s easy to assemble and resistant to sagging. Available in sleek black or pristine white, these cages feature top-quality hardware, including black hinges and sliding glass tracks, with optional display locks for added security. The unique flat pack shipping minimizes damage and facilitates easy panel replacement. Customizable with additional lighting and available in standard or custom sizes, these cages promise unmatched quality and safety for your reptilian friends. Experience the Cornel’s World difference, where excellence in reptile care is not just promised but delivered.

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Welcome to Cornel’s World, where we redefine reptile care excellence with our state-of-the-art PVC Reptile Caging. Our cages set the industry standard, utilizing top-quality parts and materials as a standard practice, making durability a priority with our top-quality hinges and latches that come STANDARD.

Our cages, meticulously designed with attention to detail, feature either black hinges and thumb turns or black sliding glass tracks (with optional Display locks – Option 1 or Option 2). What sets our PVC Reptile Caging apart is the use of 12mm thick PVC, ensuring a lightweight yet sturdy construction that eliminates the risk of sagging when stacked, providing unparalleled safety for your scaly companions.

Crafted from fire-resistant/self-extinguishing expanded foam PVC sheet, our cages are available in sleek Black or pristine White, ensuring durability and versatility. To ensure your cage reaches you in impeccable condition, we’ve adopted a flat pack style for shipping, minimizing potential shipping damage and offering the convenience of panel replacement if needed.

While our cages come assembled, they are not sealed. For your convenience, we recommend using Dynaflex 230 caulking or a similar product to seal the interior joints, as silicone may not adhere as effectively to PVC.

Our commitment to quality extends to the entire process, including shipping, with most rack/cage orders requiring a MINIMUM of 10 business days before they are shipped. Our new flat pack style is the default, offering flexibility unless specified in the notes.

Elevate your reptile habitat with Cornel’s World’s PVC Reptile Caging, designed and crafted with dedication to innovation, quality, and the well-being of your reptilian companions.

All PVC Reptile Cages include:

  • 12mm Thick 1 piece shell with 12mm side walls
  • Side walls dadoed and inset for added strength
  • Fixed vent holes
  • Black display quality hardware standard (Not galvanized)
  • Lighting can be installed for an additional charge
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • 1/4″ thick hinged plexiglass doors or 1/4″ Non tempered glass with sanded edges

PVC Reptile Cage Sizing:

4x2x2 PVC Reptile Caging actual sizing is 46″ X 22″ X 22 3/4″.  Custom Sizing is available for an additional cost

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 26 × 26 in

Assembled, Flat Packed

LED Lighting

None, Add LED Lighting