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These cages are among the best in their class. We use only top quality parts and materials STANDARD. We do not consider top quality hinges and latches to be optional!! All cages, come with either black hinges and thumb turns or black sliding glass tracks (Display locks optional Option 1, Option 2). These cages are also made with 12mm thick PVC, not 6mm PVC which tends to sag when stacked. These cages are designed to be lightweight and sturdy unlike some other cages on the market.

All cages are made from strong, durable, fire resistant/self extinguishing expanded foam PVC sheet and are available in Black or White.

Additional Notes:  All caging sizes were based on the original Reptile Basics 4x2x1 PVC cage sizing which is optimized for shipping under the oversize category.  The 3′ width is the true size, but the depth and height as a little smaller.  The actual size of this cage would be 36″Wide X 22.9″ Deep X half an inch less in height.

Please note: Most rack/cage orders currently take a MINIMUM of 10 business days before they ship.

All PVC Cages include:

  • 12mm Thick 1 piece shell with 12mm side walls
  • Side walls dadoed and inset for added strength
  • Fixed vent holes
  • Black display quality hardware standard (Not galvanized)
  • Interior sealed to prevent leaks
  • Lighting can be installed for an additional charge
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • 1/4″ thick hinged plexiglass doors
  • Pre-drilled alignment pin holes for stacking cages

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