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Introducing…. The Herpstat Intro! This thermostat is a great introduction to the all new Herpstat lineup. If you have a cage, incubator, or a plastic rack that uses two prong electrical cords for its heating device then the Herpstat Intro could be the perfect choice. The unique enclosure has flanged sides to allow a embedded mount for custom looking incubators. You can also sit it on top of your favorite cage. It’s budget friendly without sacrificing smooth proportional control of the temperatures. Has a built in soft startup feature to slowly add power on initial starts as well as a user selectable ramping between day and night time temperature settings. A new revolutionary auto power matching algorithm constantly adjusts the power output to get the best regulation possible. We also added new AC control code that lets the device dim power in 100 steps to be able to finely tune the heating equipment. High and low temperature tracking and audible alerts are standard. The Herpstat Intro comes ready use out of the box.

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The Herpstat EZ1 is single output proportional thermostat.  Easy to use dial control and smooth temperature regulation perfect for the buget minded reptile owner.  Flanged enclosure makes it easy to mount to the wall or enclosure. Glowing LED snake eyes give feedback on measured temperature and power status.

Check out the user’s manual here.

The Herpstat EZ1 includes a 6ft power cord and 12ft temperature probe.

This unit features:
·Proportional heating constantly monitors and adjusts amount of heat necessary to maintain a target temperature (usable range from 70?F to 110?F).
·Dimming and Pulse heating modes.
·Basking Assist control built in to work with basking lights.
·Soft startup slowly applies power during initial warm-ups.
·Auto Power Matching constantly adjusts the power output curve to match the enclosures efficiency.
·Precision digital temperature sensors with an internal resolution of .1125 ?F.
·Removable sensors allow for easy replacement if necessary.
·User replaceable fuse.
·Audible alarm system.
·30 minute low temperature alarm.
·Over temperature alarm.
·Internal error detection shuts off heat if sensor fails or is disconnected.
·400 watt output
·1 year limited warranty.

Additional information

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions5.75 × 5.5 × 3.5 in


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