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These are the cages that started the Cornel’s World Business

All glass terrariums are constructed of 1/4″ Annealed glass and 3/8″ annealed glass for above and below the sliding glass tracks.

All lids for these terrariums include 1/4″ Welded wire mesh for sitting your lighting on top of.

Wood Trims are utililized for the framing surrounds of the terrariums.  Fir and Oak are the options here, but any wood type can be sourced to match existing furniture.  All wood is unfinished.

These cages are the base models.  Custom sizes are available.  For more elaborate enclosures including stands, canopies, lighting, heating, etc, please email me for pricing at  Glass terrariums are made to order with a 4 week lead time.  Please contact on scheduled timing

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