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Galápagos Bioactive Mix is the perfect blend of: Tree Fern, Fir Bark, Tropicoco Soil, Sphagnum Moss, and Charcoal . This substrate creates the ideal soil with the optimal balance of drainage and moisture retention for tropical plants to thrive and grow. Great for bioactive terrariums, live plant terrariums, or even tropical house plants. Galápagos Bioactive Mix comes in an 8QT and 24QT resealable bag.


  • Optimal Balance for moisture retention and drainage in tropical enclosures
  • 100% Safe: Free from salt, chemicals, and toxic oils
  • Proven Recipe: Time tested soil mix
  • Bioactive Soil: Add microfauna and plants for a self-sustaining ecosystem
  • Grow Plants! Rich soil blend for tropical plants
  • 8QT Resealable Bag

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