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The Dude’s all new background blend. A favorite blend by the dude, includes virgin cork bark pieces (various sizes, grain size to 1/4″ size), coco coir and sphagnum peat moss combined perfectly to create a finely textured, yet unique background blend to be used to create your custom bioactive vivarium backgrounds.

Great for vining tropical plants (not too acidic) and epiphytes. Sticks very well to aquarium grade silicone.

Due to the acidity and hydroscopic nature this is not recommended as a substrate base for any live animals. We do not use tree fern fiber in this product as we do not want the unwanted fungus that has been coming from the product overseas.  When using with arboreal geckos and lizards with Lamella it is recommended to mix in branches or other types of woods to help increase surface area efficacy for climbing. While this is heavily granulated it may be harder for these  animals to grip.

Instructions: Simply open bag, silicone your background and place Background blend on top. Allow to dry for at least 3 total days, dust off excess and reapply silicone and more background blend as necessary.

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