Arcadia LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar, 570mm (23″), 35 Watt, US


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Arcadia Reptile introduces the first app-controlled T5 UV-B and Jungle Dawn LED Bar systems, combining precise control with energy efficiency. Your key to bespoke reptile lighting and advancing animal welfare whilst saving energy!

The LumenIZE version of the globally trusted Jungle Dawn LED bar has been redesigned to provide smooth energy in line with Wild recreation through the simulation of Dawn until Dusk cycles. As a result, you can trust Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE Jungle Dawn LED Bar to deliver unparalleled plant growth results whilst also greatly brightening the enclosure.

Plants require energy to photosynthesize and the Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn LED Bar with LumenIZE control certainly provides energy! We have updated the spectrum and output of the Led diodes to create an even more accurate and brighter lamp, this means more PAR below the lamp.

PAR (photosynthetic Active Radiation) is the measurement used to quantify and describe the amount of energy that is produced by a light source. PAR levels are increased by two elements within lighting and these are:

1. Quantity of light (Lumen/lux )
2. Accuracy of the spectrum

If a lamp produces light within a spectrum that is close to that of natural sunlight and has a high quantity (lumen output) it will have a high level of PAR. The higher the PAR the more energy there is to cause photosynthesis.

The LumenIZE enabled Jungle Dawn LED Bar stores your programming within each lamp and backs this up with a small exchangeable battery. If a power cut happens, the memory within each bar is maintained. When the power is restored, the lamp will illuminate, or not, at the correct part of its programming. Please note if a lamp is unplugged and unused the battery will still run and may drain, but the battery can be replaced using the instructions provided.

Control multiple lamps and use linking! Link cables are available as an optional extra for LumenIZE product, but just as with ProT5 and Led Bar, the LumenIZE enabled update allows for linking between ProT5 and LED Bar and the App can support up to 50 different lamps per device, each with its own programme.

Linking the LED bar to the LumenIZE ProT5 will allow you to provide and control through the app wild-like levels of bioavailable energy for your plants and animals. over the terrestrial UV and visible spectrum, through the simulation of Dawn until Dusk cycles.

Increase animal welfare and save energy! Did you know that typical LumenIZE systems can reduce energy spend by a massive 30%* when compared to fixed voltage options because of accurate dimming via the LumenIZE app.

A new IP65 screw in power cable and link cable has been designed to offer even more protection from water and humidity ingress. IP65 denotes the tested level of water resistance that will protect the lamp and fitting from usual humidity, condensation, and dust. Arcadia Reptile T5 and JungleDawn-LED Bar LumenIZE products have been tested to this standard and are classified as being water resistant, so the usual use of sprayers, humidifiers and rain systems is possible. Be careful not to place rain or fogging devices so that they emit over or directly onto the fittings.

Available in five sizes including the new 48″ 80 Watt (RARLJ5)

More light, a great spectrum, water resistance to the IP65 standard and full, totally smooth dimming control via the free and easy LumenIZE app.

For more information and to download the free and easy app visit

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*30% energy saving calculated when testing against non-dimming lamps tested on a 9 hour cycle with a 4 hour full 100% output

Care instructions: Monthly, open the app and hold full power to refresh. For more details visit The battery lasts for up to 3 years and can be replaced using the instructions provided.

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