Arcadia Halogen Heat Basking Lamp 75W PAR30


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Arcadia PAR30 Halogen Heat Basking Lamp 75W

“The correct provision of infra-red energy to reptiles (heat) is vital and not all lamps are equal nor do they all function in the same way. We have spent years learning, perfecting and evolving our range to suit the biological needs of captive reptiles. We now include a PAR20 Long-neck as our 50w ‘mid-beam’ lamp which is perfect for lighting smaller species in smaller or arboreal vivaria. We are also delighted to now include a brand new evolution for our 75w halogen lamp. The Arcadia Reptile Halogen Flood 75w lamp is now available as standard in the PAR30 long-neck design and incorporates a frosted lens. This lovely lamp produces a wide smooth flood of energy rich light. The Arcadia Reptile 100w Halogen Flood lamp uses the PAR38 long-neck shape and also has a frosted lens making this powerful lamp a useful tool for keepers of larger species or those in large vivaria. All Arcadia Reptile Halogen lamps can and should be used with suitable dimming thermostats’ Available in 110v E26 and 240v E27. Arcadia Reptile halogen lamps can be easily buddied up with DHP and can be used in ClampLamp ”.

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