Arcadia EarthPro Custodian Fuel 80g


Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel is a plant-based, 9 ingredient pelleted food has been designed for those tiny creatures like springtails, idopods, woodlice, beetles and millipedes that keep a live system bio-Active.

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Elevate your reptile habitat’s bio-activity with Arcadia EarthPro Custodian Fuel 80g, a premium plant-based food meticulously crafted for small creatures like springtails, isopods, woodlice, beetles, and millipedes. Our 9-ingredient pelleted formula features key elements such as Spirulina, Brewer’s Yeast, Mushroom Powder, and a rich calcium content, promoting a thriving live system.

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Each 80g pack comes in a convenient resealable foil pouch, ensuring freshness and longevity. To enhance your vivarium’s health, simply insert pellets into the soil at 2.5cm (1″) intervals, replenishing every two weeks. Custodians discreetly feed on the pellets beneath the surface, contributing to the ecosystem’s balance. The elevated calcium levels make these custodians an excellent source of calcium when consumed.

Transform your reptile’s environment with Arcadia EarthPro Custodian Fuel 80g – a nourishing solution designed for optimal bio-activity.


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