Manual Shipping Quote

Manual Shipping Notice

For any cages, racks, incubators, or large items around 48″ they will need to be manually quoted.  For this to happen you need to have your account set up on the website with your email address so we can return a quote to you.  This is manually quoted by me and can take some time depending on when I recieve your email.  Once this is done an email will be sent to you noting the shipping cost.  This shipping cost is based on everything in your cart.  If changes are made to your cart it will not finalize the sale and will need to be requoted.  If you have issues with an order not being able to be placed I can always do a manual order.  To do this please email me at and I can help that way.

Unfortunately the shipping calculator for couriers do not seem to calculate the large item costs properly.  They are either way too high or way to low, and no matter what I change it doesn’t seem to get the prices close enough.

Thanks for your understanding.

Greg West