Custom Reptile Caging to Gatineau Quebec

Greg !!!!

Just picked everything up this morning 😀

Awesomely happy LoL I didn’t know for sure if they were 1/8″ thick , talk about a strong well made quality cage .. Can’t wait to set them up..

Wanted to thank you again for everything and making the shipping work out … These are going to be incredible once set up .. All I need to get now are lights .. And set up some perches in the double cage ..

Can’t say thank you enough times hehehehe

Cheers and looking forward to ordering again as I replace some of my other exo cages .. Still have 6 x 24′ cages to replace ..


Stephane Diprose

Hide Boxes at the Victoria Reptile Expo

“I had the pleasure of meeting Greg at the Victoria Reptile Expo and found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I bought some supplies but realized afterwards that I needed more. Greg advised that his inventory was en route back to Calgary but he could ship what I needed the following Thursday. On the date promised, I received a tracking number from Greg. The product arrived two business days later, perfectly packed. Thanks Greg for your professionalism! I highly recommend Cornels World and look forward to more purchases.”


Mike Chan

C and C Tortoises, BC

New Cages all set up in Calgary, Alberta

Hey Greg,
We’ve got our new enclosures mostly set up, and love ’em! They really clean up the room and give excellent presentation for our snakes. We feel we’re providing our pets with luxury homes now, instead of the run-of-the-mill glass enclosures. They’re a little spoiled now and we really couldn’t be happier with how they look, and how much more functional the enclosures are. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of them for you to use however you wish.

Dave Macaulay

Previous email
Hi Greg,
Mel just sent me a photo of our new terrariums, and they look absolutely fantastic!! I can’t wait to get home and get these bad boys set up. Thanks again for everything. It’s been great dealing with you and hopefully I’ll be ordering more from you in the future. I’ll definitely send you photos when we’ve got it set up, and I’ll be sure to recommend you to friends. One in particular needs new housing for her 100+ geckos when she moves.



An order all the way from Europe that met them in Quebec as they move to Canada to set up their gecko business out East.

Lisa Grant’s new enclosure for her bearded dragon.

Hi Greg,

I just wanted to send you some pictures of the final setup. We choose to do an oak stain and it looks amazing! I choose to use heavy duty foam squares for the substrate so they are super easy to clean and replace. Thank you so much for building and delivering this beautiful piece of furniture! Feel free to use these pictures for your Facebook page or website and let me know if you want anymore!

Thanks again!


They finished the wood portion of the enclosure themselves and it looks awesome!


Review from Ryan Schade from Lacombe on his new PVC enclosures

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Custom cages for a rescue facility

IMG_103500198622939Here they are all setup.  They are fantastic, I can divide each of them into 6′ long cages, or 2 x 36″ , or 4 x 18″.  As a rescue facility we never know what kind or reptile we will get so this gives us a lot of flexibilty.  I am very happy with the how it has all come out.  Thank you Greg West for your attention to detail.