From humble beginnings come great things

Welcome to Cornel's World – Your Ultimate Source for Custom Reptile Caging and Terrarium Solutions

Cornel’s World stands as the premier destination for custom terrariums, reptile supplies, and cutting-edge caging solutions, all conveniently housed under one roof. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian West, specifically in Calgary, Alberta, we have proudly served reptile enthusiasts for nearly two decades.

Why Choose Cornel’s World for Your Reptile Caging Needs?

  1. Extensive Selection of Custom Terrariums: Explore our comprehensive range of custom terrariums designed to meet the unique requirements of diverse reptile species. Our terrariums are crafted with precision, ensuring the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  2. All-in-One Reptile Supplies: Find everything you need for your reptile companions in one place. Cornel’s World offers a wide array of high-quality reptile supplies, including heating elements, lighting options, and other accessories to create the ideal environment for your pets.
  3. Custom Woodworking Expertise: Beyond reptile caging, we excel in custom woodworking projects. From simple signs to high-end furniture, our skilled craftsmen bring your visions to life. Immerse yourself in the world of bespoke creations tailored to your unique style and preferences.
  4. Family-Owned and Operated: Cornel’s World is a family company deeply committed to delivering top-quality in-house products. Our exceptional customer service is driven by a solid understanding of reptiles and their specific needs, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.
  5. Dragons’ Den Success Story: In 2014, our founder Greg West and his daughter Emma successfully pitched Cornel’s World on Season 9 of CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Since then, our business has flourished, serving major zoos and some of the largest reptile breeders in North America.
  6. Proven Track Record: Our greatest projects adorn zoos and the homes of clients across the continent. No project is deemed too big or small, and no distance is too far. If you can dream it up, we have the expertise to turn your vision into a reality.

Embark on a journey with Cornel’s World – where innovation, craftsmanship, and a passion for reptiles converge. Join our growing community of satisfied clients who trust us to provide unparalleled quality and customization for their reptile habitats. Discover the Cornel’s World difference today.